Boston recommends the following simple steps to care for your shoes:
1. Always use products specially formulated for the particular material your shoes are made of.
2. Regular use of protection products helps protect against stains and water
damage. Always treat new shoes, especially suede and nubuck.
3. Never dry wet shoes in front of an open fire or on a radiator. Let the shoes dry naturally.
4. The use of shoe trees helps maintain the shoe's shape when it is not being used.
5. We recommend the use of a shoe horn to avoid the heel of the shoe folding when being put on.
6. Let your shoes rest! Alternate between two pairs of everyday shoes. This allows perspiration and moisture to dry and helps ensure that your shoes are always comfortable.
7. Never buy shoes that do not fit perfectly. Boston Leather Stretch has been specially designed to carefully stretch leather, suede and textile shoes. Ideal for new shoes or in hot weather, when feet tend to swell.
8. Sports shoes require special care. Our Boston Sport range is especially designed to care for all types of sport and leisure footwear.
9. Always follow the instructions for use carefully.