Shoes that are taken care of last longer.
Cleansing and impregnation is essential. By alternating a couple of shoes, they have time to recover and dry thoroughly. Allow your shoes to dry naturally. Wet shoes should never be dried in front of the fireplace or be placed upon a radiator. And keep in mind that sports shoes need special care. Boston Sports range is designed specifically for the care of all sports shoes and casual shoes.

Keep your feet dry with some serious waterproofing!
Boston’s Raingard Protector is a waterproofing spray suitable for leather, suede and cloth. It keeps shoes, boots, jackets and bags dry and protects against stains and dirt. For tougher challenges, there’s our waterproofing wax in a tin, Boston Leather Protector, which can be polished to a shine or Boston Raingard
Super, a waterproofing wax that
gives maximum protection
to shoes and boots.